Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Couple of Links

Want to see how a registered Dietitian eats? Visit Cristin Dillon's blog called Eat Like Me. She posts what she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner (along with photos of her meals) everyday. I thought the blog was not only informative, but entertaining.

Also, do you like to jump rope? I use to, but don't have a jump rope anymore. I don't have room to do it either (unless I went outside to do it, but that's not happening) LOL! I was reading another blog tonight and came across something called the JumpSnap. It sounds interesting. Not sure if I'll get it or not (it's probably one of things I'd use for a couple of weeks and then it would end up in a drawer), but I might see if it's available cheaper on Ebay if I decide to look into it. Jumping rope is a good full body workout though. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone reading this loves to jump rope. :) Here's a video review I found...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Talk

It's apple season again. Are you confused by all of the different varieties to choose from? Are you wanting to try something new but you aren't sure which kind to try? Here are some helpful links that I've come across to help you make a decision...

Not only do apples taste good, but they're also good for you. Did you know apples can help lower blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, reduce risk of stroke, prostate cancer, type II diabetes and asthma? To get the full nutritional benefits associated with eating apples you should eat at least one fresh apple every day.

Apples are a delicious source of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber helps aid digestion and promotes weight loss. A medium apple contains about five grams of fiber, more than most cereals. Also, apples contain almost zero fat and cholesterol, so they are a delicious snack and dessert food that’s good for you.

Have you ever tried a honeycrisp apple? If you haven't, you really need to. It is sooo good! They seem to be a bit hard to find though (at least around here they are). From what I've heard, they aren't available for too long. They cost a bit more than other apples, but the taste and the crispness to them is worth it.

Here are some recipes I've made using apples (pictures are included with each recipe):

Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's Laugh Off Some Calories!

Jeff Dunham has a new DVD out this week called Spark of Insanity. I love this guy! He's hillarious! We went to see him live last year in Newport, KY. He does several characters, but the old guy named Walter is my favorite. His new DVD is being aired on Comedy Central this Sunday night, if you want to watch the whole thing for free. I guarantee you'll laugh. :) Here's a clip...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Got Good News

As some of you may (or may not) know, I decided to start looking for a job a couple of weeks ago. At first I was just going to look for a part time job to help supplement my current income, but the more I got to thinking about it, the more I decided I really should get something full time that offers benefits. Being self employed, I haven't had health insurance for quite some time due to the cost. I'm not getting any younger and you just never know when something might happen. I had bronchitis for the first time in my life this past February. I kept putting it off hoping it would go away on it's own until one morning I woke up and was coughing so bad I couldn't catch a breath. That trip for some generic meds wasn't too bad, but it was still over $100. Then I made a trip to the doctor to have a yearly test done back in May and that bill arrived not too long ago.... $600. I probably wasn't even there 30 minutes! The lab tests are a killer! It kind of put things into perspective for me. Not only that, but with being self employed, the money I make varies and there are some months where it just gets down right scary between bills and the cost of keeping the site up and running. I've dwindled my savings down to nearly nothing over the summer to stay afloat, and I don't like the feeling of not knowing if I'll be able to pay my bills, so I decided it was time for a change. I started to look for something that was not only stable with a weekly paycheck, but something I could also get some benefits with.

I submitted my resume online at Monster on September 3rd. I've gotten probably 6-7 call backs from that so far, but they were all for sales jobs. I'm not someone who can call people and shove stuff down their throat all day, especially if I don't believe in it, so I turned them down. I also applied at the hospital the day after I posted my resume on I never really imagined myself working in a hospital, but I figure it's a job I could feel like I was helping people. That's important to me. I got called for an interview the following day, went to that interview last Tuesday, then got called back for a 2nd interview a week later. The good news is.... I went for my 2nd interview today at the hospital and 2 hours later, they called and said I got the job I applied for. I was really nervous at my first interview since I haven't been to an interview in over 10 years (not only that, but working at home by yourself for several years kind of messes up your social skills a little bit), but I just decided to be myself and tell the truth to whatever they asked me. Anyway, I'll be working Monday thru Friday, 3-11:30 PM. The coolest thing is, this hospital just built a brand new hospital that will be opening in December, so I'll get to work there.

Next Wednesday I go to fill out all of my paperwork, prove I'm not from Mars, and get a physical (along with shots I'll need for working in a hospital). I've never worked in a hospital before, but I think it will be fun. I've been watching the Discovery Health Channel lately to desensitize myself to certain things. I'm sure it's nothing like the real thing, but I'm sure in no time I'll be desensitized to just about everything once I have to deal with it once or twice. LOL! I have no doubt I can do this though. It's a step in the door to higher things.

I've been considering going back to college too. I've realized through all of this that the piece of paper really does matter when you're trying to get a better job. I'm not sure what I'm going to pursue just yet, but I figure I'll keep my eyes and ears open at the hospital and see what kinds of things look interesting, then I'll make my decision. Maybe I'll look into it for the Winter or Spring quarter. I spoke to the Human Resources woman today and she gave me a few things to think about. :)

Well, thanks for letting me share my good news with you guys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Diet Fork

I came across this page last night (don't ask me how I found it, but somehow I was looking at it before I knew it). Apparently someone is trying to sell a "Diet Fork". It's supposed to slow you down when you eat, keeping you from being able to "scoop" your food. Who are they kidding? LOL!

This thing kind of looks to me like a spork, you know, like you'd get at taco bell or in a school lunch. They don't show you what the actual product looks like on the website (probably because everyone knows what a plastic spork looks like already). I don't know about you guys, but a spork has never slowed me down. LOL! If you really want to slow me down, give me some chopsticks, or better yet, a toothpick. :) Take a look at the Diet Fork website if you're looking for some entertainment. The website says "Making Dieting Fun". Ummmmm..... hold on.... I can't type when I'm laughing so hard. LOL!

You know, the sad thing is, there are probably people out there who think this will really help them to lose weight. If you're eating junk, a special fork isn't going to hold you back. You've got to not only change the way you eat, but what you eat. Oh, and lets not forget about exercise.

Here, I've got a product for you... no seriously, hear me out on this one. I just thought of it... The New Diet Spoon! You can burn more calories than what you eat when you use it because you've got to scoop really fast. Works amazing with soup and soft ice cream! Man, I've got to get a patent on this right away. (5 minutes later)... Ah darn, apparently I'm not the first to think of this crazy idea. I just found one on Ebay. Oh well, I don't think I was going to be a millionaire from this idea anyway (much like the diet fork inventor).

On a more serious note... one invention for dieters that I've seen before and think is a pretty good idea is the diet plate. There are a few different designs on the market from what I've seen, ranging from a bulky one called the EZ Weight Plate that looks like plastic measuring cups molded into a plate, to a fancier, more artistic looking one called The Diet Plate. This plate is available in portion sizes for men, women and children. I think these products would be useful especially for people who don't like to get the measuring cups out and measure their food. They're a bit costly, but if you've got the dough and you don't like to measure your food, then I say go for it. For me, I'll just continue weighing and measuring my food the old fashioned way for now. Who knows, maybe if I had been able to pull off that diet spoon idea, I could afford to buy myself a fancy diet plate. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I'm taking a break from work and thought I'd stop in and update my blog. It's so nice to know some of you miss me when I'm too busy to post. :)

I've done so much lately. We had a yard sale last weekend (that was a lot of work, but the money was worth it). I also went on a job interview on Tuesday (keep your fingers crossed because I really want this job). It's the first interview I've been on in over 10 years and I was really nervous. I just tried to be myself, but I think I might have been too serious. LOL! I've pretty much spent the rest of my time this week working on transferring my cookbooks over to a different company. I'm making the transfer because the new company will take the orders for me and ship the books out. With getting a full time job, I just won't be able to keep up with everything, so it's the decision I've made. The books will be nicer, but they'll also cost more. I'm going to try and offer a little something for everyone though. Hopefully people will still think they're worth it. Once I'm finished with the transfer, then I'll continue working on the 3rd cookbook and the community cookbook I've been working on all year. I'm thinking about adding some cookbooklets too for those who don't want to purchase an entire cookbook (I'm still thinking that idea over).

Krissie listed "8 Random Things About Me" on her blog a few days ago, so I thought I'd play along. I'm not sure how interesting this will be to you, but here we go...

1. My middle name is Denise (if I had been a boy, my name would have been Bradly Jason)
2. I have 2 older brothers named Eric and David.
3. I use to play the piano, flute and trumpet and I majored in music education for awhile in college. (I wanted to be a band director and teach kids how to play instruments).
4. I'm going to be turning 34 years old on November 3rd. (yep, I said it. Age is just a number to me. You're only as old as you act in my opinion).
5. I hate veggies, but I disguise them in casseroles and soups to eat them (I do love corn).
6. I drive a 2005 Scion XB which I've already replaced the windshield once and now it's cracked again (thanks to the rocks that get bounced up off of the highway).
7. I enjoy playing golf (most of the time) and didn't start playing until 2 years ago.
8. I love helping others. It's always so nice to get an email from someone that visited my website who says I've made a difference in their life. There's just no greater feeling.

Ok, it's your turn. Play along and list 8 Random things about yourself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Facts About Trans Fats

Some people are confused as to what trans fats are. I thought I'd post some info and links about them to clear up a few of the questions most of us have on the subject...

Wondering how trans fat ended up with its own special place on food labels? Most of us grew up eating foods containing trans fat without knowing it was there. Before trans fat was added to labels in 2006, you could only recognize it under its alias, “partially hydrogenated oil,” on the list of ingredients.

Trans fat became popular with consumers and food manufacturers because it acted as a preservative, giving foods a longer shelf life. It also gave foods a more tempting taste and texture.

But there’s a downside to trans fat. We now know that trans fat is harmful to our health. But this knowledge is relatively new. Before 1990, some researchers suspected that partially hydrogenated oils were “bad fats,” but it wasn’t until the 1990s that research began to prove it.

What are trans fats?

Trans fats (or trans fatty acids) are created in an industrial process that adds hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid. Another name for trans fats is “partially hydrogenated oils." Look for them on the ingredient list on food packages.

What foods contain trans fats?

Trans fats can be found in many foods – but especially in fried foods like French fries and doughnuts, and baked goods including pastries, pie crusts, biscuits, pizza dough, cookies, crackers, and stick margarines and shortenings. You can determine the amount of trans fats in a particular packaged food by looking at the Nutrition Facts label. You can also spot trans fats by reading ingredient lists and looking for the ingredients referred to as “partially hydrogenated oils.”

How much trans fat can I eat a day?

The American Heart Association recommends limiting the amount of trans fats you eat to less than 1 percent of your total daily calories. That means if you need 2,000 calories a day, no more than 20 of those calories should come from trans fats. That’s less than 2 grams of trans fats a day. Given the amount of naturally occurring trans fats you probably eat every day, this leaves virtually no room at all for industrially manufactured trans fats. Find out your personal daily fat limits on My Fats Translator.

How can I stay within my daily limit for trans fats?

Read the Nutrition Facts label on foods you buy at the store and, when eating out, ask what kind of oil foods are cooked in. Replace the trans fats in your diet with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats. For practical tips, learn how to Live Fat-Sensibly.

This info and more can be found at The American Heart Association website.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Link To Tell You About

I don't have much to talk about tonight. I trikked 3 miles this morning. That's about the only thing exciting I did today. LOL! I wasn't going to blog tonight, but I figured I'd tell you about this activity calorie calculator I came across on the web tonight. I thought it looked interesting. :)

Other than that, I'll leave you with some motivation....

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.
Identify what you want and go for it.
When you expect success, your mind focuses on success.
Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and full of energy feels.
The secret of success is having the courage to begin in the first place.
Never, never, never, never give up

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Cool Recipe Video Site

First, I just want to let everyone know that Ben (Fat Single Dad) is back blogging again. Yay!!! :) The new name of his blog is Diary of a Fat Man. He's decided to talk about other things than just about weight loss. I think talking about whatever is on our minds is the best thing. We want to lose weight, but talking about the non weight loss issues in our lives can also help us move along in our weight loss. I know if I talked about weight loss 24/7, I'd go bonkers. LOL! Anyway, be sure to stop by his blog and give him a cyber hug and welcome him back to the world of blogging. :)

If you like to watch videos of people cooking, check out It's like YouTube, but for foodies. :) I like to watch Average Betty's videos (she funny and entertaining). Here's one of her videos...

When you get to the website; if you click on "Recipes" and then "healthy", a list of things will come up to choose from. Such as: low calorie, low fat, low carb, low sodium, and high protein recipes. Have fun! :)