Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Wanted To Let You Know

I've been without an Internet connection since April 3rd or 4th. I have my new Internet set up now, but still can't send outgoing email. I've spent the past two mornings on the phone with tech support, so hopefully they'll get it figured out soon.

I'm still working up in the OR at work and loving the quiet. :) My body has gotten use to using some muscles I haven't used in a while too. LOL! Lots of reaching and bending. If I was skinny I'd probably have ripped abs. :) Well, maybe under all of this fat I've got something going on. LOL!

I'm still watching what I eat. I'm down 7 pounds so far. Everyone who started with me at work is still going strong. One woman who is in her 60's swore up and down that she usually gains 3 pounds the first week she tries to lose weight. She didn't lose anything the first couple of days and I noticed all she was eating was fruit and sweets. I told her I was going to have to kick her butt if she didn't add in some protein each day (don't worry, we talk to each other like this all the time, so she dishes it right back at me). She added the protein and now she's also lost 7 pounds. This is a woman who weighs about 100 pounds less than me. She's kicking butt all by herself. LOL!

I have the weekend off. I've been going non-stop for the past month now and I just feel like I need a break. I've decided tomorrow is going to be a fun day no matter what. I've got the day all planned out. I'm going to Cincinnati to a park that's celebrating earth day, then I'm going to hit some golf balls, then I'm going to go for a walk with Riley. Then at the end of the evening maybe I'll rent a movie and just chill out. Sunday is set aside to work on cookbook orders and get caught up on my email. It's suppose to rain anyway so no big deal.

Well, I'd better get off of here. I'm actually at work typing this. LOL! I got done early tonight and thought I'd get a couple of my tests done on the computer (we have to take tests here). Talk to you all later. :)